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Get Out the Vote: Find Your Voting Resources

Do you know how to register to vote? What are your state and local laws around voting early or by mail? Who's on your...

5 min read

How to Handle Inflation

A majority of consumers today are suffering from the effects of inflation. We’re seeing inflationary rates that are...

2 min read

Planning Ahead: How to Cut Expenses and Build Your Savings

Many people have specific financial goals (e.g., filling a rainy-day fund, buying a house, paying down debt, or...

Get Out the Vote: Know What's on Your Ballot

Do you know what issues are on your ballot this November? If you live in Missouri, Arizona, or Iowa, there are...

6 min read

3 Ways to Budget

Do you want to get on a budget but don’t know how? You look at your income and expenses and your head just spins. How...

6 min read

Understanding Uninsured and Underinsured Auto Insurance

If you’re in an accident and you aren’t at fault, generally the damages are the other driver’s responsibility. But what...

Get Out the Vote: Know Your Legislators

Do you know who your legislators are? Fewer than half of Americans do. That's why we created NAIFA's Get Out the Vote....

4 min read

A Couple’s Guide to Building a Budget — Without Killing Each Other

Money can be a big challenge for relationships, especially for couples on a budget with limited income or a lot of debt.

3 min read

Win Havir Advocates for Financial Literacy in Diverse Populations and Recruiting Diverse Talent

What’s your money story?  

NAIFA member Win Havir, CPCU, CLF, LUTCF, LACP, describes a “money story” as how we...

2 min read

Why You Should Consider a Career in Financial Services

Are you looking for a new career? A career in insurance and financial services could be the best decision you can make...