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Investing With a Conscience

By NAIFA on 3/2/21 10:38 AM

Investing while staying true to one’s personal values, including approaches that focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, is growing in popularity. While many people want their investments to reflect their personal values, many also question whether they can achieve good financial results with an ESG strategy.

Brian Haney, founder of The Haney Company in Silver Spring, MD, and a loyal NAIFA member since 2013, writes in an article for Kiplinger that not only can consumers align their ESG-guided investments with their values, but they can also achieve their financial goals while doing so. He dispels common myths about ESG-driven investing and provides tips for consumers who want to create a financial plan with a conscience.

A professional financial advisor can help. “Find an adviser who is confident about utilizing traditional vehicles, but passionate about finding unconventional ways to accomplish your goals, especially if doing so better aligns with your personal beliefs,” Haney suggests.

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