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1 min read

Creating Healthy Tech and Media Habits with Your Teen

By NAIFA on 2/26/22 10:30 AM

NAIFA supports teen mental health. Financial security begins with a healthy relationship with money, which starts with a healthy relationship with oneself.

On Tuesday, April 12, 2022, Families for Depression Awareness will present the webinar "Creating Healthy Tech and Media Habits with Your Teen". Host Meredith Gansner, M.D., will discuss how technology can affect teen mental health and how parents and adults can help. All are welcome to attend: parents, guardians, family members, youth workers, and any other adult with a teen in their life.

Topics: Technology Social Media Webinar Financial Wellness Internet Family
2 min read

Keep Your Legacy Out of the Hands of Hackers

By Ashley Schopp on 11/24/20 12:15 PM

In July alone, there were 2.3 billion records[1] breached globally. That’s about 74 million a day, an astounding number of people to be subject to a cyber attack. Domestically, there’s an attack every 39 seconds, affecting one in three Americans a year.[2] The same study explains how hackers are able to levy so many attacks a day. They program software to strike large numbers of computers simultaneously and write code that controls which usernames and passwords to try – those that the hacker believes are most likely to be used.

Topics: Protection Financial Security Internet Cybersecurity