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Financial Care Means Self-Care

Protecting Every Future

Self-care is a commitment to preserving health and wellbeing. Everyday stressors can take a toll on us, including money. 73% of Americans reported that their finances are a top stress in life. Making financial planning a habit is a great way to stress less about the future. Here are a few tips:

  1. Start Early. The earlier financial planning becomes a habit the easier it becomes. At the same time, getting started can be intimidating. This financial toolkit for high school and college grads organizes free resources that explain best practices for budgeting, retirement, student loans, and more.

  2. Protect Your Money. Financial protection provides peace of mind for the times that life takes an unexpected turn. For example, 6/10 Americans say the COVID-19 pandemic gave them a heightened awareness on the importance of life insurance. These short videos break down how different financial protection products like life insurance, long-term care, and disability income insurance can make a difference.

  3. Ask for Advice. It’s easier and more affordable to find a financial advisor than we think. Financial advisors want to help people build and protect their savings. In most cases, they are obliged to act in your best interest. This resource explains the role of financial planners.

In addition to personal financial wellness, tackling finances is not only an individual, one-time thing. Getting involved and supporting each other’s financial future can help communities grow. For example, life insurers are committed to expanding access to affordable financial security and financial education in underserved communities. The Society for Financial Education & Professional Development regularly hosts seminars for savers looking to learn more.

Understanding finances doesn’t have to be scary. Taking one step can make a difference.

ABOUT PROTECTING EVERY FUTRE: Protecting Every Future is a network of diverse voices and people who believe we deserve common-sense policies that protect and strengthen the financial futures of all Americans. We make it our mission to give advocates a platform to speak their minds about financial security to all levels of government. We promote the importance of planning for a reliable financial future; encourage policymakers to take actions that protect retirement benefits and fight for reasonable policies that empower financial security for all Americans. Visit everyfuture.org