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Careers in Financial Services

Choosing to Serve MainStreetUSA

Reports are showing that we are facing a shortage of financial professionals in the next ten years--some citing up to 400,000 open jobs just in insurance! At the same time that we're facing a shortage, Kiplinger’s lists being a financial professional as a top 25 career option because of the ability that financial professionals have to determine their earnings and control their work/life balance.

NAIFA is the professional association of insurance and financial advisors, so who better to take on the challenge of getting out the word about the benefits of a career in financial services? 

We have undertaken a new initiative, funded by supporting agencies and our members, to get the word out about financial services as a career option for current students, as well as those considering a switch in careers.

In the next few months, NAIFA will release a series of videos designed to promote financial services as an excellent career choice.