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Resources for COVID-19

Providing Financial Security
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The COVID-19 outbreak is impacting Main Street individuals, families, and businesses. Our NAIFA members are the financial advisors and insurance agents who stand ready to help and support you, your family & American businesses.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • When Should I Call my Agent or Advisor?

    NAIFA members often have regular appointments to check in with clients, reassess their situations, and determine adjustments to financial plans are needed. Long-term plans that account for clients’ goals and risk tolerance, among other factors, should account for market volatility and unexpected events. Consumers should feel free to contact financial professionals with questions about their insurance coverage, if they need help with a claim, if they have questions or concerns about their long-term financial plans, or if they simply seek reassurance that they remain on the right track. Depending on local conditions, some agents and advisors are no longer conducting in-person meetings. They can, however, help clients and consumers over the phone or via email. A growing number also have implemented video conferencing and remote meeting technologies.

  • Where Can I Go for Information on Scams?

    A great resource is StaySafeOnline from the National Cyber Security Alliance. Here are other articles that can help:

  • What Should I Do About Economic Volatility Caused by the COVID-19 Outbreak and Its Impact on My Finances?

    If you have worked with a financial professional to develop a long-term plan, then market volatility should not derail your retirement or other financial goals. This blog post relates the messages two NAIFA members are giving financial clients during the COVID-19 outbreak. You should speak with a financial professional about your specific situation. This Advisor Today blog post is about how two NAIFA members have been talking to clients about the COVID-19 outbreak.

  • Is It Too Late to Come Up With a Plan?

    No. NAIFA members are in communities across the country serving clients just like you. While they serve clients of all income levels, many focus on providing risk management, retirement planning, and long-term financial security for Main Street families and businesses. Find a financial professional in your area.

  • Does My Health Insurance Cover Costs Related to COVID-19?

    Health insurance coverage of COVID-19 treatments should, at a minimum, be the same as for the treatment of any other viral infection, according to www.healthcare.gov. However, many insurers have waived co-payments and pre-authorization requirements for COVID-19 diagnostic tests. Some have eliminated prescription refill limits and/or expanded access to telemedicine consultations, along with other measures. NAIFA’s colleagues at AHIP have created a resource with specific responses from many health insurance providers to the COVID-19 outbreak. The HealthCare.gov Blog contains coverage information specific to plans obtained through the ACA Marketplace. For details on your specific plan, you should contact your agent or plan administrator.

  • Where Can I Get More Information?

    The following are resources from the CDC and other sources on operating your business and keeping yourself, your family, and your clients safe during the COVID-19 outbreak.