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2 min read

Income-focused Investing for Beginners

By EveryIncome on 1/23/23 10:00 AM

Investing for the future can be daunting, and people have different priorities and financial strategies.

While some investors are attracted to taking more risks, especially when they’re young and have time to recover, many investors prefer an approach that yields peace of mind over wealth accumulation.

This approach, known as income-focused investing, emphasizes the virtue of stability and embraces a “slow and steady wins the race” ideology.

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6 min read

How Real Estate can be a Good Investment During Inflation

By EveryIncome on 11/25/22 10:00 AM

If you’re sadly looking at your portfolio and wondering what happened, you aren’t alone. Inflation has hurt a lot of portfolios because businesses are struggling to stay afloat. The higher the costs get, the harder it is for companies to be profitable, which hurts stock prices. 

If you’re only invested in the stock market, you could be doing yourself a disservice. During high inflationary times like now, it’s best to diversify your portfolio and the best way to do it is by investing in real estate. 

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3 min read

Should Real Estate Mutual Funds Be Part of Your Portfolio?

By EveryIncome on 10/7/22 10:00 AM

Even novice investors know that the key to investing is ensuring you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket.

Diversifying your portfolio allows you to hold a mix of low-risk, stable ventures alongside higher-risk investments that could produce significantly larger returns.

For those new to investing, mutual funds are an excellent place to start.

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3 min read

Real Estate Investment Return Calculator

By EveryIncome on 9/16/22 10:00 AM

Before buying an investment property, you want to make sure you’ll make money off it. One way real estate investors evaluate investment profitability is by calculating return on investment, or ROI, which measures cash return expressed as a percentage of total investment cost on an annual basis.

You can calculate ROI yourself using a simple formula, or you can use a real estate investment return calculator.

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3 min read

What Is a Good Investment Property?

By EveryIncome on 9/12/22 4:56 PM

Smart investors know that investing in real estate is what the cool kids do. If you’re careful about the properties you buy, it can be a venture with a tremendous upside and a comparatively low downside.

First, you should know that real estate is an investment that diversifies portfolios, pays off its own debt, and produces predictable and stable cash returns, even when you’re sound asleep.

And once you generate enough profit, you can use your returns to buy more properties. In other words, your houses can buy you more houses. It’s the snowball effect of snowball effects.

However, to find success as a real estate investor, you’ll need to know how to pick the good apples from the bushel.

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3 min read

4 Secrets to Successful Investing

By EveryIncome on 9/9/22 10:00 AM

Buy! Sell! Bull! Bear!

It’s no wonder people are spooked by the frequent fluctuations of the stock market. Financial news websites and TV channels frequently dramatize the highs and lows of the financial world.

So why would you want to put your money into a marketplace that is often compared to the latest hair-raising roller-coaster ride?

Because there’s a better solution than fretting over each day’s gains and losses. Instead, consider taking a long-term approach to investment, which is a proven method of accumulating wealth and ensuring your financial future.

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3 min read

Real Estate Investment Mortgage Rates

By EveryIncome on 9/2/22 10:00 AM

Mortgage interest rates play a large role in how much mortgages cost, and they can also affect your cash flow.

Understanding real estate investment mortgage rates can help you find properties you can afford and profit from, as well as organize your finances before you head into a deal.

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6 min read

What Is Whole Life Insurance?

By EveryIncome on 8/15/22 10:00 AM

Life insurance is vital to protect your loved ones financially when you die. While no one likes to think of the worst happening, planning is essential because life is unpredictable.

Whole life insurance is a form of permanent life insurance that protects your beneficiaries for your entire life. It doesn’t expire.

Here’s what you must consider when deciding if whole life insurance is right for you.

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5 min read

How to Handle Inflation

By EveryIncome on 8/8/22 10:00 AM

A majority of consumers today are suffering from the effects of inflation. We’re seeing inflationary rates that are akin to what happened in the 80s, so we’re talking decades ago. At the rate inflation is increasing lately, most people can’t afford what they’re used to and it’s causing financial strain on families everywhere. 

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2 min read

What Are Exchange-Traded Funds?

By EveryIncome on 4/1/22 5:21 PM

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have only been around for about 25 years.

Nevertheless, they can be a productive part of a diversified portfolio, and they have certain distinct advantages over other types of funds and/or traded assets.

What are they?

ETFs are grouped collections of securities. Like a mutual fund, an ETF pools money from a number of investors into a single fund that purchases a diversified selection of bonds, equities, and other assets with a certain investment goal in mind (income or speculation, for example).

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