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5 min read

How to Handle Inflation

By EveryIncome on 8/8/22 10:00 AM

A majority of consumers today are suffering from the effects of inflation. We’re seeing inflationary rates that are akin to what happened in the 80s, so we’re talking decades ago. At the rate inflation is increasing lately, most people can’t afford what they’re used to and it’s causing financial strain on families everywhere. 

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2 min read

What Are Exchange-Traded Funds?

By EveryIncome on 4/1/22 5:21 PM

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have only been around for about 25 years.

Nevertheless, they can be a productive part of a diversified portfolio, and they have certain distinct advantages over other types of funds and/or traded assets.

What are they?

ETFs are grouped collections of securities. Like a mutual fund, an ETF pools money from a number of investors into a single fund that purchases a diversified selection of bonds, equities, and other assets with a certain investment goal in mind (income or speculation, for example).

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2 min read

4 Must-Haves for Your Fixed-Income Portfolio

By EveryIncome on 1/31/22 9:00 AM

No matter how carefree we are in our youth, as we start to approach retirement age, we begin to value reliability and predictability — in our portfolios as well as our Wi-Fi connections.

It’s also when we begin to prioritize income generation over capital growth. Fortunately, income-focused doesn’t have to mean low return, and a fixed-income portfolio might be just the ticket for a financially carefree retirement.

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2 min read

How to Build a Strong Investment Portfolio

By EveryIncome on 1/21/22 9:00 AM

Do you know how to start building a powerful investment portfolio?

An investment portfolio is simply a rundown of your assets — stocks, bonds, real estate, mutual funds, 401(k) retirement account, savings, money market accounts, certificates of deposit (CDs), cryptocurrency, employee stock options, and futures.

Now let’s talk about how to build a strong one.

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2 min read

Young Person’s Portfolio: Should Income-Focused Investing Be Included?

By EveryIncome on 1/5/22 8:00 AM

You’re young. You’ve got time on your side. Conventional wisdom may say: Invest heavily in stocks. You’ve got many years ahead to ride out any downturns.

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1 min read

Investing With a Conscience

By NAIFA on 3/2/21 10:38 AM

Investing while staying true to one’s personal values, including approaches that focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, is growing in popularity. While many people want their investments to reflect their personal values, many also question whether they can achieve good financial results with an ESG strategy.

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1 min read

Benefits of Investing Education for Individuals

By Mark Briscoe on 2/22/21 10:02 AM

While the stock market tends to dominate news cycles surrounding any current large-scale event, too many average Americans are uneducated when it comes to investing. When many people see reports of record market highs and losses, massive government bailouts, and changing legislation regarding interest rates and taxes, they do not have the educational background or investing experience to translate these headlines into meaningful analyses and applications for their daily lives. Investing education is critical for all Americans, particularly in times of economic turmoil. Consider these benefits of investing education before diving into financial commitments.

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