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Horizon Wealth Strategies

Horizon Wealth Strategies

Phone: (908) 698-4339

Email: irene@hwsnj.com


At Horizon Wealth Strategies, our mission is to be known for our expertise in holistic financial planning and for genuinely caring about our clients' well-being. Nothing is more important to us than working on our clients' behalf; and you won’t find anyone outside of your immediate family who cares more about your family’s financial well-being than we do.

We’ll help you to drown out the financial noise found on TV or the internet, so you can focus on the things that truly matter. We do this by following a consultative and collaborative process in every client relationship. Although many people consider financial planning to be nothing more than investments, it is far more comprehensive than just this one area of your financial life.

As our founder and principal Mark Olson says “We believe your portfolio is important and we can handle that for you, but in order to truly have a successful financial future, you must focus on more than just your investments. Unless you consider your entire financial life and include: your expenses, income sources, the disposition of your estate, and the many everyday risks of life, you will most certainly have financial issues at some point in the future.”  This holistic view of financial planning helps distinguish us from many in the financial services industry.

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