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Underwriters Marketing Service


Phone: (800) 524-1774

Email: info@callums.com


Because we recognize the importance of staying in touch, we believe in giving you options for a variety of methods to communicate with your clients.  To stay in touch regularly, we have developed and designed custom marketing pieces for many areas of your business. We also have a graphic design team that can help customize your communication!  Contact us to learn more about these elite services! ​ When you are contracted with UMS, you have access to our agent portal and marketing library, including white papers, postcards, brochures, and more.

Why Should You Choose UMS?

  • Case Consultations to Help You with Underwriting and Product Selection
  • Access to 40+ Leading Insurance Companies
  • Competitive Compensation Schedules
  • Elite Services and Conferences 
  • Advanced Market Support
  • Educational Workshops & CE/CPE Classes
  • Association and Employer Group
  • Turn-Key Pension Planning
  • Custom marketing materials 
  • Unlimited Motivational Support!

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