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Suzanne Carawan

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Three Long-Term Care Concerns for Women

By Suzanne Carawan on 2/22/21 9:55 AM

As a woman, you will need to think about your future. This includes considering your long-term care (LTC). For example, you may need to take care of your loved ones. This doesn't account for problems life can throw at you, which will pose further problems for your LTC. We want to address some LTC concerns you could face and different ways you can handle them.

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Watch Chris Gandy Work

By Suzanne Carawan on 9/21/20 1:29 PM

Chris Gandy is a financial advisor in Chicago that works every day to increase the financial security of his clients. With no minimums, Chris wants everyone to know that having a financial plan is for you--and not just for the wealthy. In fact, Chris wants to meet each person where they are and let's them know that they are always wealthier than they think. He uses common sense approaches to discuss your income, budget, risk and long-term goals such as college and retirement.

Recently featured in Advisor Magazine for his work in financial services and his commitment to financial literacy, Chris is also a model NAIFA citizen. He is President of NAIFA-Chicagoland and volunteers hundreds of hours per year in the community. 

A huge proponent for African-Americans in financial services, Chris often speaks to students about his career and his leap from sports to financial services. Chris will be a featured speaker to university students on NAIFA's upcoming Future Leaders Program which will be held on October 6, 2020 in connection with the University of Illinois where Chris was a star student-athlete before going pro. 

Learn more about Chris in his feature article and about the firm that he founded and now runs called Midwest Legacy Group