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Creating Healthy Tech and Media Habits with Your Teen

By NAIFA on 2/26/22 10:30 AM

NAIFA supports teen mental health. Financial security begins with a healthy relationship with money, which starts with a healthy relationship with oneself.

On Tuesday, April 12, 2022, Families for Depression Awareness will present the webinar "Creating Healthy Tech and Media Habits with Your Teen". Host Meredith Gansner, M.D., will discuss how technology can affect teen mental health and how parents and adults can help. All are welcome to attend: parents, guardians, family members, youth workers, and any other adult with a teen in their life.

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2 min read

Caring for Aging Parents: Financial Impact

By NAIFA on 11/18/21 1:32 PM

As our parents continue aging, there is a change in the role of who is taking care of whom. They become more senile and financially dependent on you to take care of their needs. Eventually, all our parents do age, and failing to prepare for this will leave you and your whole family at a disadvantage. This is why it's important to work with insurance and financial professionals with a wealth of experience planning for expenses associated with aging.  

NAIFA specializes in this and has financial advisors willing to work with you and your family to plan your finances so that you can comfortably give your aging parents the care they need. We have discussed the importance of, and some of the long-term care costs and strategies for paying them.

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2 min read

Five Ways Spouses Can Tackle Financial Issues

By NAIFA on 12/8/20 10:29 AM

Although many Americans have had to put their nuptial plans on hold, plenty of couples are still working towards their dream weddings — and everything that comes after. Any married couple will tell you that marriage is hard. It takes dedication, hard work, and love on both sides to make things work. Unfortunately, many couples struggle most with the financial aspect of their relationships. Whether you are newly married or are looking to tie the knot at a later date, discuss these five pieces of financial advice with your partner and get a head start on a financially healthy marriage.

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