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NAIFA Members Help Spread the Word About Life Insurance Awareness Month

By NAIFA on 9/9/22 10:14 AM

NAIFA-Los Angeles members have worked with local and state elected representatives to get official recognition of September as Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM). The City of Los Angeles, County of Los Angeles, and California State Senate have all issued resolutions or certificates recognizing NAIFA and LIAM.

Topics: Life Insurance Awareness Month State Advocacy

Get Out the Vote: Know Your Registration Deadlines

By NAIFA on 9/7/22 10:00 AM

Did you know? Most states require voters to register 2-4 weeks before election day. Don't wait until the last minute — find your state's registration deadline with NAIFA's Get Out the Vote. Find links to register to vote as well as information on the candidates and ballot measures you'll be voting on.

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Consider Your Life Insurance Needs During Life Insurance Awareness Month

By NAIFA on 9/1/22 10:00 AM

Life insurance is a crucial part of any solid financial plan, but 41% of Americans say they don’t have sufficient life insurance coverage. That's why NAIFA partner Life Happens created Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM) and why NAIFA strongly supports efforts to promote the benefits of life insurance during September and all year long. For agents and advisors, LIAM is the perfect time to meet with your clients to make sure their life insurance coverage meets their needs. 

This year's LIAM spokesperson is Roselyn Sánchez, actress, producer, proud Puerto Rican, and mother. She is featured on many of the LIAM promotional materials available from Life Happens.

"Let's educate people about the importance of life insurance so they can make that easy decision for their family," Sánchez says.

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How to Maximize Your Savings at Your First Job

By NAIFA on 8/29/22 10:00 AM

When you land your first job, it's important to learn how to manage your income. Now is the perfect time to establish healthy spending and saving habits. Read on for tips to manage your finances with your new paycheck.

Topics: Retirement Planning Planning in Advance Lifestyle Planning Emergency Savings Savings Budgeting
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5 More Tips to Manage Your Finances During a Recession

By NAIFA on 8/26/22 10:00 AM

Recessions are never easy. Whether you're becoming aware now or already following the news of a possible economic crisis, it's good to have a mitigation plan for when it happens. Learn how to prepare your finances so they can carry you through a recession and in the aftermath with these tips. 

Topics: Financial Planning Lifestyle Planning Financial Literacy Budgeting
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NAIFA Members Recognized as Forbes Top Financial Security Professionals 2022

By NAIFA on 8/24/22 4:33 PM

Each year, Forbes and SHOOK Research select the industry's premier financial security professionals. The Forbes Top Financial Security Professionals list aims to answer the question: “Would we recommend these professionals to a family member or a friend?”

Rather than focusing on performance and profits, Forbes selects candidates based on quantitative factors (including production, assets under management (AUM), and client-related trends and data) and qualitative factors (including adherence to best practices, use of team and team dynamics, and level of community involvement).

This year's Top Financial Security Professionals list includes 27 NAIFA members:

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3 Strategies for Coping with Economic Anxiety

By NAIFA on 8/22/22 10:00 AM

Everyone, regardless of their income, gets antsy when there's a recession, depression, or even a slight downturn in the market. The uncertainty can cause a lot of anxiety about what's to come. It can make people put life plans on hold, start to look for other employment, or reassess how they're managing their money. Even though no one can predict how long or impactful a recession will be, there are some things you can do to cope and manage during a stressful time.

Topics: Financial Planning Planning in Advance Benefits of a Financial Advisor Financial Literacy Financial Security
2 min read

5 Tips to Manage Your Finances During a Recession

By NAIFA on 8/19/22 10:00 AM

Recessions affect every part of life. The cost of goods and services goes up, borrowing money gets more expensive, and businesses suffer. During a recession, you may need to adjust your spending habits to stay financially secure. Read on for tips to mindfully manage your finances during periods of economic uncertainty.

Topics: Financial Planning Planning in Advance Financial Literacy Financial Security Budgeting

Get Out the Vote: Know Your Legislation

By NAIFA on 8/17/22 10:00 AM

Do you know what laws have passed in your state legislature this year? Find out with NAIFA's Get Out the Vote! With just a few clicks, you can find a full list of the bills your state congress and the U.S. Congress considered this year. Search by keyword, bill sponsors, bill status, and more to find the legislation that affects you every day. Whether you want a quick summary or the full text of a bill, you can find everything you're looking for here.

Get Out the Vote: Find Your Voting Resources

By NAIFA on 8/10/22 10:00 AM

Do you know how to register to vote? What are your state and local laws around voting early or by mail? Who's on your ballot?

Topics: Advocacy