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NAIFA Members Recognized as Forbes Top Financial Security Professionals 2022

By NAIFA on 8/24/22 4:33 PM

Each year, Forbes and SHOOK Research select the industry's premier financial security professionals. The Forbes Top Financial Security Professionals list aims to answer the question: “Would we recommend these professionals to a family member or a friend?”

Rather than focusing on performance and profits, Forbes selects candidates based on quantitative factors (including production, assets under management (AUM), and client-related trends and data) and qualitative factors (including adherence to best practices, use of team and team dynamics, and level of community involvement).

This year's Top Financial Security Professionals list includes 27 NAIFA members:

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2 min read

4 Financial Tips for Veterans

By David Lahoud on 11/11/21 1:40 PM

After serving our country, some veterans may want financial support when they come back, as they may have been disrupted from a job when being called upon. we are here to give them that financial support with 4 financial tips that will help them achieve financial success after achieving success serving our country.

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