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Resources for COVID-19


NAIFA Members Are Your Best Resource

Preparing for retirement presents a challenge to many workers in ordinary times, with nearly 60% of Americans unsure of how much money they will need to retire comfortably. But the COVID-19 outbreak, which has disrupted the economy, brought turmoil to the markets, and resulted in unexpected job losses has raised consumer uncertainty many-fold.

However, consumers who work with financial professionals are more than twice as likely than those who don’t to “feel very financially secure” and “have financial plans built to endure market ups and downs,” according to Northwestern Mutual’s Planning & Progress Study.

NAIFA members work with families in every community across the country to help them set financial goals and prepare for a secure retirement. During times of crisis, such as the current COVID-19 outbreak, NAIFA members offer their clients guidance, support, and reassurance to help them weather the storm. You can find a qualified financial professional who has agreed to abide by NAIFA’s Code of Ethics and put their clients’ interests first using NAIFA’s agent locator tool.

While a NAIFA member is your best resource during the current crisis, the following sources provide information to help retirement during the COVID-19 outbreak.