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2 min read

Why Millennials Need a Financial Advisor

By NAIFA on 1/19/22 10:00 AM

We know that millennials are facing staggering economic challenges. With the high cost of living and low wages, money management can be challenging. That's why it's essential to work with a financial advisor - one who understands your needs and can make sure you're getting the best information for your unique financial situation.

Topics: Financial Planning Financial Literacy
2 min read

Young Person’s Portfolio: Should Income-Focused Investing Be Included?

By EveryIncome on 1/5/22 8:00 AM

You’re young. You’ve got time on your side. Conventional wisdom may say: Invest heavily in stocks. You’ve got many years ahead to ride out any downturns.

Topics: Financial Planning investing Financial Literacy
2 min read

Tax Planning for Ordinary People: What You Need to Know

By EveryIncome on 1/3/22 8:00 AM

“Tax planning” is a phrase many people associate with large corporations, the rich and powerful, or super-humanly organized accountant types.

Topics: Financial Planning taxes Financial Literacy
2 min read

You’ve Conquered Your Credit Card Debt! Now What?

By EveryIncome on 12/27/21 8:00 AM

Living with the oppressive burden of credit card debt can be incredibly stressful, and breaking bad financial habits takes practice and dedication. For many borrowers, a debt-free future is achievable through hard work, financial education, and restraint. If you have recently conquered your credit card debt, you deserve heartfelt congratulations! You have overcome a major roadblock to good financial health. However, without careful consideration for your next steps, you might quickly find yourself back in debt. Keep these tips in mind as you navigate the world debt-free.

Topics: Financial Wellness Financial Literacy Debt
2 min read

Buying a Home in the Midst of Economic Uncertainty

By EveryIncome on 12/17/21 8:00 AM

For individuals and families who have been on the cusp of making major life decisions, it can seem like the COVID-19 pandemic could not have come at a worse time. Many people have had to put their plans on hold, and those who have been looking into buying a home may feel that they are stuck in limbo. A few key changes have been taking place in the real estate market, and these changes can severely impact the home buying process for many Americans. Here are some things to keep in mind while searching for a home (and a home loan) during this period of economic uncertainty. 

Topics: Financial Planning Financial Literacy
2 min read

The Importance of Financial Education for Small Businesses

By EveryIncome on 12/15/21 8:00 AM

Many people who become small business owners do so because they are passionate about their craft or industry. While some set out with a considerable amount of business acumen, many must follow a sharp learning curve to become financially proficient. Learning how to manage the financial side of a business effectively is not a small task, which is why many owners and managers turn to financial education programs for assistance. These programs focus on the specific issues that matter most to small business owners, giving them the tools they need to make good decisions and manage their finances well. Financial education for small businesses is crucial for business owners, particularly those who are new to the business world.

Topics: small business Financial Literacy
2 min read

Building Credit for Beginners

By EveryIncome on 12/13/21 8:00 AM

The world of credit scores, loans, and credit cards can seem incredibly complex for those who are new to it. A variety of factors influences credit scores, but building credit does not have to be exceedingly complicated. Whether you are working towards buying a house or you simply want to start building credit, there are a few ways that financial novices can solidify their financial footing. Whether you have existing credit or not, consider these methods of building credit for beginners.

Topics: Financial Planning Lifestyle Planning Financial Literacy
5 min read

5 Startling Facts About Debt And 5 Ways to Break the Cycle

By EveryIncome on 12/10/21 8:00 AM

Avoiding debt can be tough. These days, debt in America affects almost everyone. According to Northwestern Mutual’s 2018 study, only 23% of people are debt free.

Topics: Financial Literacy Debt Budgeting
3 min read

Student Debt: What You Need to Know About Forgiveness, Cancellation, and Discharge

By EveryIncome on 12/6/21 8:30 AM

In 2019, more than 44 million people in the United States carry student loan debt, for a total of $1.51 trillion.

The rise in college tuition has outstripped both wages and inflation, while a degree has become a more and more important component of any resume.

A college education is supposed to make you a more valuable member of the workforce, which is supposed to be reflected in your income. But having gone to college is no longer a guarantee of a job that pays well — starkly demonstrated by the sheer number of Uber drivers and baristas with advanced degrees.

Topics: Financial Planning Financial Literacy
2 min read

Keep Money in Your Family Through Estate Tax Planning

By EveryIncome on 12/1/21 8:30 AM

Your family is your heart and soul, so you want to make sure they’re taken care of after you’re gone. There are many ways to do this, and estate tax planning early on is critical in making sure your beloved family members enjoy continued financial security.

Whether you’re single, married, or living in a domestic partnership, estate tax planning should be at the top of your to-do list when organizing your financial matters as you age.

By following these steps, you can rest assured that your money stays where it belongs — with your family.

Topics: Financial Planning estate planning Financial Literacy