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At NAIFA, we're devoted to empowering individuals with the financial knowledge and confidence they need to effectively manage their resources. That's the driving force behind our enthusiasm for National Financial Awareness Day, a nationwide effort centered on equipping people with the essential skills and resources to make wise financial decisions.

National Financial Awareness Day seeks to spread the word about the importance of financial literacy, provide access to critical financial resources for everyone, and stress the importance of making sound financial choices. Our mission is to elevate the financial well-being of all Americans, while understanding the specific challenges that many face in their financial journeys.

We're proud to contribute to this cause by actively advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion within the financial services industry. Through initiatives such as our annual Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Symposium and our informative consumer website, FinancialSecurity.org, we aim to foster an inclusive atmosphere where financial education and support are available to all. In doing so, we play a crucial role in advancing financial well-being and championing the guiding principles of National Financial Awareness Day throughout the country.