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Make a Will Month

By NAIFA on 8/23/23 3:26 PM

With the warmth of August enveloping us, it's time to reflect on life's uncertainties and take concrete steps to secure our future. Creating a will is one such step, and that's why August has been recognized as "Make-A-Will Month." A last will and testament is a vital legal document that spells out your desires for asset distribution and the care of your loved ones after your departure. In this post, we'll delve into the necessity of having a will and the peace of mind it can offer.

Preserving Your Legacy

A well-crafted will ensures that your legacy continues precisely as you envisioned. It empowers you to name beneficiaries for your assets, guaranteeing that your hard-earned wealth reaches the people who matter most to you. Without a will, state laws might dictate asset distribution in ways that don't reflect your genuine wishes. Taking the time to articulate your desires in a will allows you to leave a meaningful legacy that guides your loved ones through a challenging period after your passing.

Protecting Your Loved Ones

A will is more than a safeguard for your possessions; it's a shield for your loved ones' well-being. It permits you to appoint guardians for minor children, granting them a secure future if tragedy strikes. Making this choice can alleviate anxiety about your children's future, ensuring a nurturing environment in your absence.

Avoiding Intestate Succession

Dying without a valid will triggers intestate succession. State intestacy laws then govern the distribution of assets, often leading to unintended beneficiaries or family disagreements. Creating a will grants you control over inheritance, forestalling possible family conflicts.

Minimizing Probate Costs and Delays

Probate – the process of validating a will and settling an estate – can become prolonged, expensive, and taxing for heirs without a will. Having one in place streamlines this process, sparing your family unnecessary costs and delays in accessing their inheritance.

Choosing an Executor

Appointing an executor in your will to manage your estate after your death is essential. This individual will be responsible for executing your wishes as delineated in the will, handling financial obligations, and overseeing various tasks. Selecting a capable and trustworthy executor ensures the diligent execution of your final wishes.

Providing for Charitable Causes

Your will can be an extension of your philanthropic spirit. Including charitable bequests enables you to continue contributing to the greater good, even posthumously. Whether supporting a favored charity or founding a scholarship, your kindness can foster a lasting philanthropic legacy.


Make-A-Will Month in August is a timely prompt for everyone to secure their future and the well-being of their loved ones. Creating a will is an act of responsibility and affection that guarantees your legacy, protects your family, and fulfills your ultimate wishes. Amid life's unpredictability, crafting a will is a profound expression of love for those you leave behind. Don't hesitate; consult with a legal professional to fashion a will that mirrors your values and safeguards what's truly important. In doing so, you'll find tranquility, knowing that everything is in place for your loved ones, even in your absence.