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As a recent college graduate, after having attended the first Future Leaders meeting out of four on September 22, and it provides insight into a career in financial services for undergraduates. There are many fields that are unknown to many students attending college, making it hard for them to make choices on what they wish to specialize in. This event helps bridge that gap in knowledge by explaining more about the financial sect of jobs.

Overall, this was a well-structured event ran by NAIFA, a financial services organization, with a special guest, Delvin Joyce, a famous NFL player who entered the financial services industry. This meeting focused on Delvin’s experience going from the NFL to the financial services industry, and specifically went over positions such as a financial planner and financial advisor. Delvin talked about the different services each position provides and the ways that each of them makes money. He also explained how to get into the position and the ways you can build value for yourself in those positions. The meeting ended with a question segment where he was asked various questions such as if AI will take over the financial services industry, to which he proclaimed it will not as the AI will not have that special human touch required as part of that type of service.

From my perspective, I believe that the information presented was very informative, even if you were not interested in the field, mainly due to it giving more exposure to the positions available in the field, as well as the reality of the work. It is interesting to see the experiences of someone who went into an entirely different line of work from what he originally did and provide real-life experience. The information presented during the event showcased positions that would normally not regularly be known or considered when looking for a degree in college, making it valuable information to know beforehand. Joyce goes over the types of hours worked in the industry and the amount of money you can get from it, as well as the job security, overall explaining how the few positions he discussed work as well. This is not your typical 9-5 job making a small paycheck, this is a much more flexible type of job that allows schedule freedom while still leaving the option to make good money after investing time into it.

The key points to take away from all of this are essentially, if you are willing to put in work in a growing industry, you will get your payout in the end, it will just take time and hard work. If you love helping people and knowing that at the end of the day, you are providing a service that would genuinely help the people you’re working with while providing you a decent income, then positions in the financial services industry are worth investing more time into researching. There are three more meetings that will be conducted for this event, and you can still sign up for them here:

If you are interested in learning more about the positions available in this field and how to get into them, as well as real experiences from real people, I would recommend signing up. This is very useful knowledge to have in general, but especially while you are in college and still deciding on a career path.

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