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Everyone has opinions, right? And who doesn’t like making money?

The prospect of earning money sharing your views in an online survey might seem too tempting to turn down. Plenty of websites offer that opportunity.

Of course, answering surveys could never become a full-time career — and if you find anyone touting that, you’ve probably uncovered a scam.

But is it worth your time to take a few of these “pop quizzes” for cash while, for example, waiting in the doctor’s office?

How do you decide?

Time is money, so before you sign up for as many survey sites as Google has to offer, vet each one carefully to determine whether it’s worth your time.

A five-dollar survey might sound interesting, but not if it takes a couple of hours to complete. But if you can earn $5 in 15 minutes that would have otherwise been wasted, go for it.

Survey the surveyor

Don’t just take anything these sites say at face value. Do a little digging.

You might have to wade through pages of inflated prose trumpeting the riches you can earn before they ask you to sign up for some kind of subscription scheme — and that’s not what you’re looking for.

Online reviews of companies, such as those offered by Survey Police, or talking to people who have worked for them is a good place to start.

Payment can come in various forms

Cash is not the only form of payment these sites deal in. If they do pay in cash, they might require you to meet a high threshold first.

That isn’t ideal if you’re looking for a quick few dollars on the side.

If you’re not getting cash for filling out the survey, analyze whether you’ll use the benefit the site offers for taking the survey.

Don’t totally discount the idea of getting paid in gift cards, vouchers and the like. They won’t pay the bills, but you’re more likely to be relying on your main income for that anyway. Other forms of rewards for completing surveys could help with Christmas shopping or a family outing.

The bottom line

Online survey sites can be a viable means of earning a bit of extra income (or gifts) — as long as you don’t go in expecting to earn thousands. Watch out for surveys that aren’t worth your time and scams.

Sign up for a range of reputable sites, and don’t be beholden to the terms of any particular one.

You’re effectively self-employed while you’re completing surveys, so you’re in charge.

Have fun with it!

This article is provided by NAIFA educational partner EveryIncome.