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With Biden’s election and the Senate majority still undecided, there is mounting uncertainty surrounding the transition between administrations and the impact on American investors. As a result, many financial advisors are now tasked with calming the financial worries of their clients amid this ambiguity.

F&G, a provider of fixed indexed annuities and life insurance, recently conducted a survey, which analyzed the impact of the first six months of the pandemic, social unrest and market volatility on U.S. investors’ risk tolerance.

The inaugural Risk Tolerance Tracker found that among U.S. investors:

  • Men Have a Higher Risk Tolerance Than Women41% of women indicated that they pursue only cautious/highly conservative investment strategies, in contrast to only 22% of men. 
    • In addition, 37% of men said that they have shifted their asset allocations to be more aggressive during this time, compared with only 27% of women.  
  • Retirement woes: 60% of American investors say they’re worried about their retirement income stemming from the past six months of the pandemic, social unrest and market volatility.
    • This was especially pronounced for Gen X with 67% worried about retirement income
  • Financial safety nets: When asked if they feel like their financial safety nets have been taken away as a result of COVID-19, generational worries came to the surface. 61% of Millennials, 56% of Gen X and 44% of Baby Boomers all feel like their financial safety nets have been taken away.

The F&G Inaugural Risk Tolerance Tracker is a survey of about 1,500 American investors exploring how the events of the past six months have shifted their investor risk.

For more information, visit F&G.