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While the stock market tends to dominate news cycles surrounding any current large-scale event, too many average Americans are uneducated when it comes to investing. When many people see reports of record market highs and losses, massive government bailouts, and changing legislation regarding interest rates and taxes, they do not have the educational background or investing experience to translate these headlines into meaningful analyses and applications for their daily lives. Investing education is critical for all Americans, particularly in times of economic turmoil. Consider these benefits of investing education before diving into financial commitments.

Gain a Greater Understanding of Current Events

One of the most immediately useful perks of investing education is that it provides the framework and vocabulary necessary to understand current events. With COVID-19 running rampant, significant changes are happening daily that can impact homeowners, borrowers, and investors. Tools and programs that focus on investing education and financial literacy can give average Americans the critical thinking and comprehensive skills they need to make sense of what is going on in the world. 

Investing Education Puts the Power in Your Hands

There are plenty of advisors, apps, and programs that promise to take the stress and complexity out of investing. While expert advice can be helpful, some advisors can have their own interests in mind. Learning about investing, from the basics to more niche areas, is critical to financial independence and choices that serve you. Although apps and tools that simplify investing can make it more accessible for novices, focusing on education first can allow investors to make nuanced and well-informed decisions. 

Make More Informed Financial Decisions

Investing isn’t limited to stocks; some investors choose to put their money in real estate, bonds, mutual funds, retirement funds, and more. Learning about different areas of finance allows individuals to diversify their investments in a way that is smart for them. Diving deep into investing education can enable average Americans to determine which courses of action are more likely to help them reach their unique financial goals. While some folks may want to be aggressive and get into the day trading game, others may be more inclined to take a cautious route and grow their net worth over time. Regardless of your financial goals, investing education is a valuable tool.