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Students are always spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a career field to explore. However, unknown to many, the finance industry is one of the best career choices that a student can ever make. For starters, the insurance industry alone is expected to have about 400,000 job openings in the next ten years and that is just a piece of the finance industry's cake. Here's why you should consider a career in finance:

It is a Very Dynamic Field

The finance world is characterized by constant change and incredible growth. New technologies, new markets, better laws, and registration and globalization are just a few spheres in which this field continues to expand daily. Consequently, more jobs crop up and the hunt for more skilled tech-savvy job seekers becomes a norm. It is almost impossible to lack a job should you explore this field, especially if you have the right set of skills. 

It is a Challenging Yet Exciting and Fast-paced Field

With constant changes and growth, this field is quite challenging but also very exciting. If you are looking for a field where your skills are constantly engaged, this is the ideal career for you. Every finance-related job demands top-notch problem-solving skills to fix simple and complex finance issues. However, the field also offers you the perfect opportunity to sharpen your skills and brace you for even bigger jobs.  

One of the Most Growth-Oriented Careers Ever

A career in finance places you on the pathway to personal and career growth. The finance industry is ever-evolving and changing for the better. Consequently, you also get to grow career-wise and as a person. No matter where you start your career the industry is filled with endless opportunities to get better and be successful in the long run. Whether you are an insurance agent or a financial advisor or any other job capacity, there is a clear progression path for you. 


The finance industry presents the most stable careers. The job opportunities are ever on the rise and of course, the hiring volume is over the rooftop. Even better, the more you improve your skills, the heavier you weigh on the hiring weights. The wages even in the lowest of the job capacities are also always above average. 

Many Job Capacities 

Should you choose a career in finance, you will be spoilt for choice on the job capacity to take. You can be an insurance agent, accountant, financial advisor, account manager among many others.


The finance industry is a green field with endless opportunities for taking. Exploring it is a guaranteed jackpot that you cannot afford to miss. 
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